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Best Tinder Bios For Guys in 2020

July 3, 2020

Tinder is the online dating market where you sell yourself. In order to stand out in the pool, you need to involve humor and creativity and take it to the next level for a person to swipe right. We have collected some great examples of how you can bring out the best of yourself with the help of some funny and best tinder bios for guys. Remember, having an eye-catching bio is half the battle won. If you do not fill it, it is hard to be actually taken seriously.

7 Best Tinder Bios For Guys In 2020

Check out these amazing bios that will win the hearts of girls on Tinder and they will swipe right with this. 

1. “Like Me, if you smell like a fresh toasted Tart”

This bio line walks a fine balance between humor and positivity as it makes a person think about a widely favorite fun snack. Not only does it give a right start to the conversation but it also helps in grabbing someone’s attention through laughter.

2. “I Have a Car, A Job and I would not send you any dick pics”

Ticking off some potential concerns of most of the girls, this is a clever bio that keeps the things transparent and relaxed. Not only does it help a man get back to the basics but it also shows how he is comfortable within his own space.

3. “Call me a comedian. Call me a musician. Call me addicted to coffee. Call me a writer. Or you can just call me by (my name)”

This is a smart and clever take on how you can share your basic info in a light-hearted and interesting way. Without making it feel like a list of your career, passions, hobbies, and creative pursuits, it adds swag to the whole conversation. 

4. Let’s play Mario 

A short and sweet bio, this line is a win-win in most of the situations. Not just because of its brevity, it is a popular bio as it instantly makes a girl imagine playing the game with him. Though you may not think of it as much, yet it gives a chance to connect with the girl off the app and striking a conversation based on the game experience.

5. Looking for a badass. I already have a good ass.

Go for a fun play on words when in doubt. This line is apt for a person who is confident of his own looks and does not shy away from complimenting his own body. In addition, it is also giving an indication as to what type of girl you are looking for, so that is a plus.

6. Well, I will do this part when I think of something clever to write

It is said that when you are trying something too hard, you often end up botching things. This is an anti bio of a sort that invokes a good response from the girl or even just a LOL. This shows how you are tired of thinking and writing something clever. In fact, you may even get responses from the girls who may share the feeling. 

7. Sorry Ladies, I may not have the dad bod you want but I have all the dad jokes you don’t want.

This is the perfect example of a joke in tinder bios for guys that have done wonders for many. Without being overly cynical or negative, it is self-deprecating in a relaxed way rather than making a girl feel as if the guy is trying too hard for the matches. Showcasing a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, this bio is funny and interesting in its own way. 

Do remember, when it comes to witty tinder bios male, the words chosen for the same is as important as your chosen photo. They act as a conversation starter, thus giving you an opportunity to connect with your potential match on another level. Not only this, but it should also make a girl think and curious to know more about you. A compelling introduction has the power to decide whether a girl will say “yay” or “nay” to your profile. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should men put on their tinder profile in India?

Most girls like humour but never type “I am a funny guy”. That sounds lame. If you are lazy enough to write something take help from google and write something funny ,attractive and lovely.

Is tinder worth paying for?

Yes, Tinder Plus is worth paying. But, if you have a good profile no matter you pay or not you automatically get best matches.

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