what is ghosting Dating Relationships

What Is Ghosting in Dating?

Ghosting is an urban dictionary term we use when someone in a dating relationship, vanishes  all of a sudden. So what is ghosting in dating? No calls, no messages, no texts from your partner for days, yet you know that he exists but he is avoiding you. That is when you know, you are being […]

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dating tips for shy guy Dating For Men

7 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

There is one thing that attracts women more than anything else about his personality- his confidence. Being shy does not mean you have to be that guy who skulks into the corners holding him back. Being shy can be an inherent nature of a person and yet that nature can sometimes prove to be an […]

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How to talk to girls on Tinder Dating For Men

Know How To Talk To Girls On Tinder

Getting Tinder matches is easy if you have a good profile. However, in addition to a good profile, you would also like to ensure that the match sticks around. Many men find it difficult to start a conversation with a complete stranger. What to say? How to say? How to talk to girls on Tinder? […]

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