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11 Date Ideas For Teens- Cute & Fun It Is

April 9, 2020

Coming up with the perfect date can quite nerve-wracking for all, especially a cash strapped teen. Here, we will take a look at some ideal date ideas for teens that are both fun and engaging. You have hundreds of things to do with your girlfriend.

Not only will these ideas help you in taking some pressure off from being inventive on your own but also help in planning when you are looking for the right teen dating ideas for your partner.

11 Fun Date Ideas For Teens

After all, you should never miss an opportunity to hang out with your ‘special someone’ or explore a budding romance just because you do not have enough money or you are too shy to talk.

  • Plan for an Ice Cream Date
  • Dance Dance Revolution Party
  • Go Ice skating
  • Go for a Bike Ride or Walk together
  • Explore museums & plays
  • Go Bowling
  • Escape rooms
  • A two person book club
  • Go for a photo scavenger hunt
  • Indulge in a sport
  • Go star gazing

1. Plan for an Ice Cream Date

You can never go wrong with ice cream. If dinner is out of the question because of the money and time constraints, an ice cream date is an ideal option for you.

Equally satisfying in its own way, it makes for a great way to spend time together.

Whether its summer or winter, ice creams can be chosen in any season and are the best bet when you are looking for a great date without cutting your pockets.

2. Dance Dance Revolution Party

Commonly known as DDR, this video game is a lot of fun and a lifesaver when you are looking to spend a few hours with someone but are not very inclined about the conversation part.

Going beyond the typical movie and dinner date, this is one of the popular date ideas for teens as it helps in hiding that shy awkwardness and spend a great time together.

3. Go Ice skating

Though made pretty cliché by Hollywood movies, this is one of the teen date ideas that will never go out of fashion.

The romance of helping each other when you fall on the floor has to be experienced to be understood.

If it is raining, there is always the option of rollerblading or indoor ice skating that you can opt for.

date ideas for teens

4. Go For Bike Ride or Walk Together

This is one of the popular date ideas for teens and adults.

Take a short bike ride or a walk together through a well-populated park or a busy bike path and you can have some relaxing time together.

It is a great way to know each other and if at the end of the date you feel as if you are compatible enough, you can always opt for something longer and less busy road to ride.

There is also the option of both of you going your own separate ways if you feel like it’s a lost cause between you two.

5. Explore Museums and Plays

For the nerds out there, museums and plays are excellent date ideas for teens. Though many artistic events are expensive, you can find many good ones cheap or even free making for a stimulating way to spend some quality time together.

Museums make for a great conversation starter and you can have great fun in comparing your tastes and choices.

A play is only good if it’s a part of an outdoor festival or it is a short performance. This is because a proper play requires a lot of patience on your part as it does not give much opportunity to talk to each other.

6. Go Bowling

Considered to be a part of fun date ideas for teens in the 50s, bowling is still great goofy fun to indulge in.

This is one activity where the worse you are, the more fun you will have. What’s more, you can make it a group date wherein you can bring other couples with you too.

This will help in taking the pressure off as your friends would be nearby to help you.

Many bowling places also have hot snacks serving and video games arcade too to complete the experience so the evening shall be fun without much expense. Not only will you and your date share quite a few laughs but also spend some quality time together.

7. Escape Rooms

Best for a group date, escape rooms is fast becoming a hot hub for people looking for trendy new challenges while on a date.

Locked up in a room together with other couples, you have to cooperate to solve the puzzle within the given time frame.

High stakes and high on adventure date like this will give you a chance to interact with your partner in a fun setting and help you in knowing each other better.

8. A Two Person Book Club

If both you and your date are fond of reading, get the books to decide the right date for you. Form a two-person book club and read the same book at the same time.

You can then discuss it over some snacks or a coffee while sitting in a park or a shop and make a date out of it.

Perfect for bookworms, book reading is sure to become more fun once you get a partner to enjoy it with you.

Teenage Dating

9. Go for a Photo Scavenger Hunt

One of the fun date ideas for teens, this one is especially for those who are photography enthusiasts or those who like to click pictures for their personal albums.

You can come up with a list of photo subjects together like:

• Take a pic of something inspirational
• Take a picture of a bird
• Capture a place you find beautiful
• Take the photo of a cute couple

Now, set out on a trip around the neighborhood and capture as many pictures from this list as you can.

Compare these photos at the end of the day. Some day these are going to make for great memories.

10. Indulge In A Sport

Though it may seem like unexpected date ideas for teens, playing some sort of sports activity together makes for a great ice breaker.

Sports activities like racquetball, tennis or badminton can become a great date if both the people are inclined into it.

Many times, a shared interest can help you in learning more about your date from the get-go than some awkward conversation where you are both trying to be diplomatic. Sometimes, when someone is a poor sport in a game, he or she will carry that bad attitude over in real life too.

11. Go Star Gazing

Great date ideas for teens, especially on a clear night, stargazing can be termed as both romantic as well as relaxing.

Go out to someplace quiet to gaze at the stars or just watch the sunset. Not only will it give you time to talk, but there is also nothing more romantic than snuggling with your date under the starry sky.

Not only will these fun date ideas for teens help you in having fun without battling that awkwardness others face during their dates.

Not only will these teen date ideas guarantee you a great time without breaking your bank account, but you are also sure to create a lot of memories that you can talk and reminisce about on your coming dates. Remember, it is not the budget that matters, it is the attitude and compatibility that will decide the course of your relationship.

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