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7 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

June 25, 2020

There is one thing that attracts women more than anything else about his personality- his confidence. Being shy does not mean you have to be that guy who skulks into the corners holding him back. Being shy can be an inherent nature of a person and yet that nature can sometimes prove to be an asset in the dating game. The only thing that you absolutely need to do is that you don’t have to overcome your shyness, you need to own it. Learn to make it work for you. Let us throw light on dating tips for shy guys and know how you can do so in your quest to find the right partner. 

7 Best Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Every shy guy has had several experiences where he gets tongue-tied in front of a girl he is interested in and loses the chance destiny presents him. However, keeping your feeling hidden is not the answer. Remember, shyness does not define your identity. It is just a part of who you are. These tips are going to definitely help you get out there. 

1. Remember women are people too

You may be shy but you are not the same when you are talking to your family. This means you view them differently. Try viewing the girl you are interested in as a normal person and you will surely be able to open up more to her. 

2. Make your presence known

Rather than just lurking in shadows, start making your presence known in a group. Do not jump in front of anyone, just introduce yourself in a subtle way. Start talking to her about common interests and you are sure to get a feel whether you are compatible or not. This initial conversation can be the key to having a good relationship later on. 

3. Stop worrying about your looks 

As you have already seen around you, women date all types of men. So, stop caring about your appearance too much. Do not believe what the advertisements feed you about the latest colognes and six-pack abs. In real life, women like their men who are confident and take care of their needs, even though he may be bald, ugly, or fat.

dating tips for shy guys

4. Make friends with women you are not attracted to

Making friends with women you are not attracted to is a great way to open up to the opposite gender. It is a great confidence booster and helps you build friendships. Not only this, but it also helps you in getting comfortable around women and engaging in conversations other than romance and dating.

5. Pay attention to her

What would a woman give to have a man genuinely pay attention to her? Ask her the right questions and listen to what she answers. Show genuine interest in her and your shyness will take a back seat. Never ever talk about yourself. Give her a chance to talk about herself and she is sure to feel more desirable and connected to you. 

6. Make your intentions clear

Remember, do not get friend-zoned. Make your intentions and your interest in the girl crystal clear from the first meeting. This will help you avoid getting labeled as a “friend” rather than a “date”. By showing interest in her and going for some light flirting, the girl is sure to follow your lead and you are going to have your first date real soon.

7. Understand Rejection

Not exactly an ideal dating tip for shy guys, but rejection is also a part of your learning process. Understand that it is not personal. Maybe you used the wrong approach, or maybe it’s not about you, it may be the girl herself. Never stress yourself about facing rejection. It is just a stumbling block to getting to that right partner. 

Remember, rather than looking for dating tips for shy guys, retrain your brain in such a way that you meet every girl with new energy rather than a brain-addled with previous experiences. When you feel positive, you are sure to attract positivity. Embrace your shyness rather than running from it. You may be an introvert at heart but that does not mean that you cannot find your comfort zone in the middle of a crowd. Make your presence known. At the end of the day, remember humbleness is also sexy as hell. Attracting girls is not about being the loudest person in the room, rather it is about getting comfortable in your own skin. Do not change yourself. Be genuine and you will do wonders in your dating life.  

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Why dating a shy guy is amazing?

Shy guys have tendency of deep thinking and are good listeners.

Is he just shy or not interested?

If a guys don’t looks at you it means he is not interested. As shy guys do look into your eyes sometimes.

Do shy guys have low self esteem?

Guys who are extremely shy have low self esteem.

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