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First Date Etiquette For Everyone

June 8, 2020

The rules of etiquette have changed quite a bit in the last few years. However, something that has not much changed is the first date etiquette for both men and women are to follow.

First and foremost, you need to put your best foot forward. Remember, you may have chatted for a long time now but he or she is still a stranger whom you are meeting for the first time. There has to be a delicate balance between being open and maintaining a certain mystery around you. Even though you may want to make a great first impression, be honest about yourself along with your expectations. Never fake your behavior. Even though old fashioned rules say that you should cross your legs and be polite, a true first date is one where you put your needs first while having respect and consideration for the person sitting opposite to you on the table.

9 Successful First Date Etiquette Tips

Let us take a look at some tips that can make or break any date.

  1. Dress Up well: The thumb rule of any date is that you have to make an effort to dress to impress. Apply makeup and put on your best dress with a spritz of your best perfume is sure to make an impression. Never hesitate in showing off your assets while covering up the naughty bits.
  2. Be on time: Even though there are numerous last minute problems that can take place, yet you should never keep your date waiting. Never make him or her wait so much that they go into the “Oh! I have been stood up” mode. If there are any last minute issues that crop up, be sure to text him or her about the time.
  3. Put Away your Phones: Unless and until there is some dire emergency that needs your constant attention, put your phone away for the date. According to first date etiquette manual, never make your date feel as if he or she does not have your complete attention. All your friends and family know where you are at the moment and if you do not text them back asap, no problem shall occur. Even if it is someone important on your phone be sure to tell them that you are with someone more important.
  4. Acknowledge the awkwardness: One of the kindest and best first date etiquette is to acknowledge the awkwardness of the first dates. Pregnant silences can become an ice breaker once you address the elephant in the room.

first date etiquette for ladies

5. Prep up for the date: Even though it is wrong to grill someone on the first date, prepare at least a few questions in advance so that you can have a nice conversation. Not just the gentleman, it is successful first date etiquette for ladies too. Some common areas that you can touch upon are health and fitness, travel, hobbies, spirituality and children.

6. Do not Drink Too much: A must first date etiquette for ladies and gentlemen alike, be careful as to how much you drink. There is a fine line between flirting and verbal diarrhea. Limit yourself to a few drinks or you are sure to wake up the next morning regretting your words and actions of the previous evening. Alcohol is sure to loosen up your tongue and sometimes make you do things you may surely not do otherwise.

7. Never hesitate to make jokes: Sense of humor is an important trait that both men and women look for in their partner. When faced with any awkward situation, humor is the best first date etiquette to diffuse the tension. Not only will both of you feel more at ease, your date is sure to know that you know how to have fun.

8. Be honest: One of the most important first date etiquette tips is to always be honest. Tall exaggerated claims can become the bane of your existence if things work out between the two. He or she is sure to know that you lied and it will surely be the end of your relationship.

9. Never try to be intimate on the first date: The thumb rule of any first date is to never go all the way. Sure, the women today are more progressive about sex than they were a few years ago, still, a lady will always be a lady and this fact never changes. Play the game and you are sure to have enough time if and when you meet the next time.

These are just a few first date etiquette tips that can help you in getting to know the other person better. Just remember to be yourself whenever you head out for the date and you are sure to find yourself going on date number two sooner than you can imagine.

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First date etiquette for everyone


Do you kiss on the first date?

You may kiss on your first date but only a light peck but if you met on an online app don’t kiss. If you know each other from long then you should give a peck that too at the end of your meeting not beginning or middle.

What is the etiquette after a first date?

You need not hung up after your first date. As some people get confused and doubtful about when to reach out. Even if you will text weeks later everything would be fine need not to worry about that.

Who should pay on first date?

If the guy is seriously interested he should pay the bill as per the girls expectations. But if you too don’t know each other well then you may split the bill.

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