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Flirting Tips For Guys: Dos and Don’ts

June 29, 2020

There comes a time when you want to flirt with a girl on Facebook Chat or any other instant messaging service but do not want to come across like a creep. However, its easier said than done considering your girl can’t see your expression or the tone behind your text. However, one positive behind flirty texting is that you can take your own time to say the right thing. Flirting makes the girl know that she is on your mind. It helps in opening up the conversation, thus helping you set your next date. Here are some sure shot flirting tips for guys like you who want to start it slow. 

13 Flirting Tips For Guys- What To Do, What Not To Do!

Let us take a look at some dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while thinking of flirting tips for men.

What To Do

1. Start a casual conversation

Breakthrough your initial resistance and jump right in by texting a brief message to your crush. It is best if you have an excuse for starting the conversation. It, at least, gives her a reason to distinguish you from the crowd and reply to your message. That being said, if you barely know the person, it is best to strike a conversation based on her profile or her hobby. 

2. Start with small talk

Remember, do not dwell on this step too long or the girl will lose interest in you. After an initial exchange of pleasantries, you can start with something fun and light rather than prying into her personal life. This will help in keeping the conversation flowing while helping you in getting to know her better. 

3. Casually Joke

An important part of the flirting tips for guys in chatting is that you should have a good sense of humor. Remember, if you can make her laugh, you can get her to do anything. Go for playful or even sarcastic messages when talking to the girl. For example, when a girl asks what you are up to, rather than replying that ‘you are looking for a match’, you can give a sarcastic reply such as ‘drowning my sorrows’ or even ‘writing the next Great American novel’. Not just funny, they give you an added advantage of being the launchpad for conversations about your likes and hobbies.

4. Listen to what she is saying

Though it’s a no-brainer, remember every woman wants a man who hears what she says. It is important to remember the important details that she shares with you as forgetting that can be a big turn-off for any girl.

5. Playful teasing

Once a good rapport is established, you can up the ante by some playful teasing. It keeps the atmosphere light.  However, there is a thin line between being a tease and being a jerk. Avoid any sore subjects regarding her personal life and avoid hurting her feelings by your comments. As a rule, take your time while thinking of a text teasing the girl rather than trying to claw out of a situation made of your own creation where you hurt her feelings with your hurtful comments. 

6. Involve cheeky emoticons

Girls love emoticons. They help in making the intended emotion clear while sending any text. There are several emoticons such as winking and tongue stuck out that will help you in your flirty conversation. However, remember to not overuse it. Sprinkle them sparingly within the messages to make your jabs sweeter and make the intent behind your ambiguous messages clearer. Over usage of emoticons looks juvenile and annoying.

7. Heating the things up

If the girl reacts positively to your messages, you can slowly move onto a more intimate territory. However, be careful and do it gently. Do not go into the full come on mode directly. Start with subtle innuendos by implying things rather than stating them outright. Acknowledge the silliness that accompanies any flirty conversation and it will make it all the less creepy and more down to earth. 

8. Back off when you get a bad response:

Dealing with the possibility of rejection is one of the most important flirting tips for guys. It is best to exit a conversation gracefully if the girl does not reciprocate your feelings. The exact excuse for doing so is not important. What remains important is that you respect her wishes and do not drag the exchange unnecessarily.

9. Always end the conversation:

Be the person to end the conversation and leaving the girl wanting more. This makes the girl excited for the next time you talk to her. However, be graceful about it. It may just be as simple as “Good night” or a quick goodbye message before the chat turns stale. This way your conversation stays fun and positive rather than leaving memories of you struggling to find what to say next.  

flirting tips for guys texting

What Not To Do

10. Do not be too self-deprecating

Confidence is the most important asset a girl looks for in a guy. Thus, never make too many jokes at your own expense. One is okay but does not make it a recurring theme in your conversation. Not only does it make look needy and self-loathing, but it will also show how you are not confident of yourself. The same is true for making jokes at the expense of others. Do not make any mean or caustic remarks about others as it makes you look petty and mean and it does not have a place in any flirting tips for guys in chatting.

11. Do not be too sappy

Flirting is fun. However, do not overdo it by showering flowery gooey compliments too much. Not only does it make the girl embarrassed but too much of the same can also make her question your motives. Focus on a genuine conversation which is sure to show her your interest in her. 

12. Do not be too clingy

Flirting with someone on text messages implies a casual relationship. So, one of the key points behind flirting tips for guys is to never bring up a long term commitment and love in the conversation. These are giant red flags that are sure to destroy any chance that you may have of winning that second date.

13. Never be vulgar

There is a difference between different kinds of languages and not everyone accepts the same. Every girl has a different attitude towards sexual references, potty humor, dirty language, and others. Guys often forget that not every girl likes being confronted with these kinds of texts. Try and keep your conversation within control until you get to know the girl better. Be conscientious of how you may come across as a person if a girl is not used to this kind of conversation. The thumb rule of flirting tips for guys in chatting is to never be vulgar and never make any lewd remarks or dirty jokes until and unless your partner does so. 

Final Thoughts on Flirting Tips For Guys

The truth of any flirty conversation is to never overthink it. You may think to flirt to be sexual innuendo, overt displays of masculinity, and cheesy pickup lines but it is more than that. What women really want and like is an engaging texting partner with confidence, a great sense of humor, and respect for her. So, the next time you look for flirting tips for guys while approaching a woman through texting, remember these dos and don’ts and you are sure to have a great conversation that may even go on to become a date.      

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Are compliments flirting?

Complimenting is not flirting. Compliment must be genuine for the person receiving it.

Are shy guys good?

Shy guys are better listeners deep thinkers . They are simple genuine and natural. Girls want to date true and honest guys.

How can I flirt naturally?

You can flirt naturally by looking into the girls eyes as it’s sexy. Eye contact is the best and simple way of flirting until she catches you.

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