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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out -7 Sneaky Steps

June 8, 2020

There is your dream crush and you would love to get him to ask you out for prom but how to get him to do so? There are some subtle ways and sneaky steps on how to get a guy to ask you out and give him that nudge in the right direction. 

Rather than being too obvious about you having a crush on him, it is best to make him know that you are interested in him subtly rather than making it seem as if you need him. At least not until he starts reciprocating too. For this you have to do two main things- Drop a few signs and become desirable in his eyes.

7 Ways on How to Get a Guy To Ask You Out

1. Get a friend to call both of you a Couple

While having a chat in a group, ask one of your trusted friends to call both of you a “cute couple”. The more people hear it, the better. Though it can create an awkward moment for both, the thought will get planted in his head for him to ponder upon. 

2. Tease him a little indirectly

Next time when you meet the guy, ask that trusted friend of yours to butt into your conversation and ask him when he will be working up the courage to propose to you. The question may be asked as a serious question, though asked jokingly. It is an easy and straightforward way to find out whether he likes you or not. If he does it will help you in getting that guy to ask you out. 

3. Invite him to join you in your plans

Have any exciting plans come up with your friends??? Ask the guy to join you!!! Tell him it will be fun hanging out together at this exciting place. It is not exactly a proposal but it will bring him closer to you.

cute ways to ask a guy to homecoming

4. Make some Weekend plans

Get to know him better by asking out his weekend plans. This will give you a general idea about his hobbies and interest areas. You can always express surprise or interest in his activities. Do remember; lie in being interested in hobbies at your own cost. Stretching a lie here can haunt you for a long time.

5. Let him know your routine

During any of your conversations, give the guy a general idea about your regular routine. This might be especially useful if you live nearby and have a set routine of hitting a particular gym or relaxing at some neighborhood café in the evening. Who knows, you may end up bumping into him on a regular basis. This impromptu time spent will certainly help you in getting him to ask you out. 

6. Get him to drive you

Have some errands to run? Bump into him purposefully on your way out and ask him to drive you nearby for the same. Later on, after you have done your work, you can just ask him out for a coffee insisting that it’s the least you could do for him after all his trouble. This impromptu “date” will certainly give him time to understand you better. 

7. Be a Damsel in distress

This is a trick that almost always works. They can never resist a pretty girl looking for help. Ask him out for something and if he likes you back, he will certainly grab the excuse to spend more time with you. After he is done helping, thank him with your sweetest smile and a home-cooked meal or a steaming mug of coffee. 

These are all some pretty harmless ways to build intimacy and create the right chemistry between you and your guy. However, do remember to create the right sexual tension too so that you do not fall into that dreaded friend zone.

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Warning: never use these strategies all at one go. Use the ones you feel most comfortable with. Dropping some hints about your interest in him and warming up with time well spent through a few of the above-given steps are sure to help you out. Give these steps a try if you are trying to figure out how to get a guy to ask you out. Most of the time, these are sure to do the trick. 


When a guy asks you out what does it mean?

If a guy asks you out it means he is interested. Such men clear their intentions by telling you that they want to take you out.

How do you respond when a guy asks you out?

You should keep it simple you may say ” Yes! I would love to ” or “Of course that would be lovely”. The response entirely does not matter as he would be just happy with Yes.

Does a guy like you if he pays for you?

Paying is a general courtesy and gesture towards a girl. Its is kind and traditional simply. You cannot tell that he likes you that is why he paid for you.

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