How to talk to girls on Tinder
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Know How To Talk To Girls On Tinder

June 16, 2020

Getting Tinder matches is easy if you have a good profile. However, in addition to a good profile, you would also like to ensure that the match sticks around. Many men find it difficult to start a conversation with a complete stranger. What to say? How to say? How to talk to girls on Tinder?

Do’s & Don’ts on How to talk to girls on Tinder?

The first message you send to the girl can make or break the match. Building a great profile is just half the battle won. Learn how to keep a conversation going on tinder to actually build on any match.

What Not to send

Almost all the girls on Tinder receive their share of unimpressive messages that can be a total turn off at the start of any relationship. Do not fall victim to these. After all, it is how you construct the opener that decides whether you are going to get a girl off Tinder and meet you in real life. Keep these opening don’ts in mind so that you do not blend into that pool of guys who message the girl. 

  • “Hey”– Though this is a relatively safe bet if you are trying not to offend anyone, this is certainly not for the memory book. Get a little more personal and drop a sweet compliment or a message about her bio or pictures or even a relevant pickup line. You can even drop a message if something stands out about her but a “hey” is certainly not gonna do the work.
  • “Your Body…”– Even though commenting on physical attributes is not bad, make sure you are talking about an appropriate one. Learn how to talk to girls on Tinder by dropping a compliment about her tastes and preferences rather than her physical attributes. In other words, try not to be desperate. 
  • “Can we talk on the text”– There is a reason the phone numbers are not displayed on Tinder. Instead of asking for her number in the first five minutes of conversation, ease her into giving it to you of her own accord. 
  • “I am sorry for liking you. I was overwhelmed when I first saw you. Now you just seem Regular”– Insulting your Tinder match’s bio is a big no-no. You should never like a girl’s photo and then insult her thinking she is going to respond to your insults.
  • Being overtly sexual: Though this is pretty given, yet some people fail to understand. You would be surprised to find how many guys actually become explicit from the word “go”. Chances are pretty slim that your Tinder Match is going to reply to your first message with a positive response.  

Now that you know what not to do on Tinder let us get on what you can actually do on tinder for a successful date. 

how to talk to girls on tinder

What to send

Remember, the best Tinder openers are the ones who pique a girl’s interest. Most of the girls never take the initiative of messaging first on Tinder. Get a good grasp of the type of girl you have matched with and it will be easier for you to deduce how to talk to girls on Tinder.   

  • Personalized Messages: Take a few minutes to go through your match’s bio and you are sure to get some solid material for starting the conversation with your match. You can go through the girl’s bio, her Instagram account, her pics or any other social media handles she has attached to her Tinder account. Many times, you can even find common ground to talk to. The key to understanding how to talk to girls on Tinder depends on fun and playful personalized messages. You can either challenge her or be jokey or even find something else that you feel would be the right style for her personality. 
  • Include the Name: Just including the name of the girl in your first message has been known to get a high response rate. It is particularly useful if your match has a generic bio and you may have nothing to go with. 
  • Using GIFs: This trend is for the pretty desperate ones who are facing major problems figuring out how to talk to girls on tinder. Opening a conversation with a nice GIF is particularly appealing with girls who are really embracing the 21st-century trends like Snapchat, Selfie addiction, and Instagram. If her bio is littered with emojis, even a waving boy emoji can be a good start for you. 
  • Evoke emotions in her: Avoid monotonic and lifeless messages as a conversation starter. Instead, grab her attention by saying something wacky or confuse her or even bring a smile on her face. This would also be a good option for first Tinder messages to send as it can even work on generic profiles where you have not much work for you. 
  • Kick off a game: Rather than starting a dull conversation with everyday lines, you can kick off a game that is sure to get her attention. People and not just girls rarely let go of a chance to play a good game. 

These are just pointers for the opening lines for any Tinder match. Together with some cringy things you should completely avoid, there are some golden nuggets for you to follow. In order to keep the conversation going, you have to make a little more effort. Asking questions on tinder is sure to make her feel like she is in a job interview rather than on a dating website. 

What might work well in the starting may not have the same effect down the line. Your conversations on Tinder are like a fast-flowing river. Follow the current and let the conversation flow naturally, further and deeper. Keep the fun element alive past the first text and pay close attention to replies and you are sure to go a long long way.

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Do girls use tinder in India?

Tinder is basically US culture. In many cities of India girls are not aware about the dating apps. Tinder is more popular in India’s metro cities. There are girls in India using it but not all.

Should girls message first on tinder?

Only 1.4 % women state that women should text first – According to Tinder data.

How do you ask a girl for a drink on tinder?

One should always wait for 1 or 2 weeks to ask a girl out for date on Tinder to avoid throwing desperate energy. Ask her when you find it right.

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