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10 Long Distance Date Ideas To Implement Right Now

June 16, 2020

It is said that distance brings people closer. However, people who are in long-distance relationships can vouch for the fact that it is difficult to keep the spark alive, much less go on regular dates. Those phone calls and video chats can become boring quickly after which you start wishing for more. Look for romantic long distance date ideas. These help you in bonding over shared experiences. No matter how far apart you are, these shared experiences add depth to the relationship and give you memories to cherish and things to talk about. 

10 Long Distance Date Ideas

  • Set an unboxing date
  • Play a two-person online games
  • Share your fragrance
  • Share a journal
  • Express intimacy
  • Read a book to each other
  • Watch a movie together
  • Go one a dinner date(yes, you can)
  • Share the sunrise or sunset
  • Share your dreams

From long-distance relationship games to romantic and fun long distance date ideas, let us explore some interesting ways you can keep your bond with your partner healthy and strong. 

1. Set an Unboxing Date

Try the old fashioned postal system to send surprise gifts and packages to each other. Be a bit more whimsical and surprise each other. Then, you can turn it into a date of ‘unboxing’ these packages, letters, and gifts together. There is no better joy that can describe the feeling you get when you see that surprised look on your partner’s face when they see the surprise you have planned for them. 

2. Play a two-person online game

Playing two-player long distance relationship games online is a great way to unwind while having a bit of friendly competition. These games not just let you do something fun other than talking but it also helps you in understanding your partner better by understanding how he or she is like in different scenarios. There is also the old fashioned phone-based long distance relationship games that help you in breaking that same old Skype routine and help you in peeking into that quirky silly side of your partner. 

3. Share your fragrance

Sometimes, it just takes a whiff of your lover’s perfume to quell that sadness that comes with living apart. One of the sure-shot successful long-distance date ideas is sending your partner your favorite cologne or perfume so that he or she can remember your smell.

4. Share a journal

Journals are a great way to make amazing memories for the future. Start an online journal on which both you and your partner can write entries. Both can read what the other wrote and chose to either respond or expand on the same. One day, this journal would become a great memory for both of you to look back on.   

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5. Express intimacy

Flirty phone sex to sexting to intimate video chats, being intimate is one of the best long-distance date ideas even if your partner is at the opposite end of the world. Discovering the nuances and curves of your partner’s body through video calls is a huge turn on for most of the people. However, indulge only to the extent you and your partner feel comfortable. Remember, the internet is forever.

long distance relationship

6. Read a book to each other

This idea is for all those nerds. Though others may find it boring, only true book lovers realize how it feels when you close your eyes and wrap yourself around your partner’s voice reading out romantic stuff for you. You can even take turns reading each chapter so that both of you can enjoy the feeling. Another added bonus of this date is the following book conversations for several other dates to come. Remember, it is not the book but the memories it creates that counts.

7. Watch a movie together

For a bit of movie fun lovers, there are apps where two people sitting at two ends of the world can watch a movie together. This would give you a glimpse of your partner’s likes and dislikes too. For those looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun, you can watch a scary movie together to get a glimpse of how your partner looks when he or she is scared silly. 

8. Go on a dinner date

This long-distance date idea is for all those long-distance couples who miss that feeling of togetherness which the regular ones can experience on a regular date. Order a Thai takeout, dress up and arrange a time when both of you shall be eating your dinner together just like a regular date. Remember, the more you can simulate the together- time, the better is the relationship.

9. Share the sunrise or a sunset

This is one of the most romantic long-distance date ideas is there is not much difference in time zones between you and your partner. It is the awe-inspiring things like the starry sunsets and golden sunrises that create that strong bond between the couple. Bring along your smartphone on a hike with you on your favorite viewpoint and have a nice video chat with him or her. Watch the sun go up or down together and the distance is sure to melt away at that moment. Even if you two are in different time zones, you can watch the world from your partner’s eyes as he or she takes you to a different world.

10. Share your Dreams

Make a Pinterest board together and start sharing your dreams for the future. These images can be of your dream home, your dream vacations, your dream interior…anything. Any time you are missing each other, a quick peek at this future board will remind you of the end goal after this temporary suffering.  

A study by a communication journal shows that long distance couples are closer to each other than regular couples. After all it is not the quantity of time but the quality of time spent together. For most of these romantic long distance date ideas, your phone, laptop or tablet would be more than enough. You can even recruit some of your friends and family members to make these date nights more fun and romantic than dates with someone who lives nearby. After all, sometimes it just takes a look at your lover’s face or the timbre of his or her voice to quench that loneliness that creeps up over time. Just remember that you focus more on the happiness of being with ‘each other’ rather than the sadness of being apart.  

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Is Long Distance Dating worth it?

If you feel that this is the special one with whom you can imagine your life with then whatever efforts you put to build in a long distance relationship its worth it.

What kills long distance relationships?

Stop trying is the only reason that ruins your long distance relationship

Why are guys scared of long distance relationships?

Lack of sexual intimacy is the only reason because which guys are scared of long distance relationship. Guys find it difficult to overcome this type of situation. Lot of guys tend to afraid that they would fail.

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