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8 Questions To Ask On Second Date

June 16, 2020

Second Date!!! If you are reading this and would like to know the questions to ask on second date, you certainly had a wonderful first one I believe. First dates  are to impress each other while the second is to work out on chemistry and compatibility.  Here we are to share 8 questions to ask on your second date on your second date When you know each other’s choices, needs and perspectives, you can make your decision.

Questions to Ask On Second Date- The 8 W’s

There are times when you expect more, need more and feel more. Second date is the opportunity to know each other better than the previous date. Thousands of questions comes in mind and heart when you think about second date. Get a quick kick on second date questions. 

Whose absence can make you cry?

Emotions play an important role in any relationship. When this question is answered you may get to know the sensitive side and the hint about emotional touch of your date. 

It may be parents, siblings or a close friend. Whosoever, the discussion on the same will unveil major traits of your new crush and you may be able to work your relationship further on the basis of same. 

Where would you like to travel?

This raises rather a great and interesting discussion on your date and you will not even realize the amount of time you spend talking about your traveling choices. With this answer you may get to know about the level of adventure, romance and peace your partner dreams of. The choice of destinations and itinerary inclusions would help you know the basic excitement looks forward too and depicts the nature of a person.

You may add your opinions to it and even flirt a bit while sharing some great travel plans you aspire for but only with the love of your life. 

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Whom are you closest to in your family and why?

Respect is most important thing to build any relationship. The answer to this question can give you the concept about respect that your date gives to the family member. This in turn depicts the natural instinct and sensitivity towards people your date loves to be with. 

Indeed, a kind of emotional check you know!

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What do you expect from this relationship?

This may seem to be early since it is just your second meeting, however, there is no harm at all in asking this right in the initial days of your dating. Every relationship starts with some expectations and these are evident every time you meet. So, you can certainly go ahead and ask this. 

The answer to this question from your date can give you the knowledge about intentions of your partner and how extreme your date wants to go with this relationship. This indeed would help you and your partner decide whether you people would like to take this forward right from this day or it is not going to work further for both of you. Or you may want to give some chance to each other on this expectation management and fulfillment. 

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What do you think can be your biggest fear?

This may not only extend your conversation but also give an edge over other discussions. This is because their mere question will give a feeling to your partner that you are kind of supporting him/her right from the beginning of relationship-as if you want to understand what you should be working on while being in relationship for the sake of your love.

Fear could be anything like fear of losing someone, fear of something scary, fear of failure, fear of facing a new person or anything.

Now, while, the answer to this will help you understand the way he/she deals with fear or the types of fear in his/her life, your partner feels glad to share it all with you and believes you to be a person who would come to rescue in any of such situations in future. Won’t it be great?

When was the last time you felt guilty?

Well, this question may lead to a bit of discomfort for your date. However, you can simply support the question by adding, “It’s okay if you do not want to share”. The choice of answering and not answering the question will give you fair idea of your partner’s self-realization instinct, whether he/she is eloquent about sharing mistakes or doesn’t like to talk about them once committed. 

Isn’t it a great way to understand you future situations and how would you need to handle the same. Drop a question in comments if you have some experience with such situations or want an added suggestion on it. 

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What would you want to change from your past?

There is always something we want to change from our past. None of us have lived a perfect life, you would certainly agree. This is a bit related to our above suggested question, and rather a second chance for your date to talk about the guilt in life. This question should be answered by your date, if not, something is definitely buried. 

This will make you understand how has been for your partner before you. With this answer you can get the image of your date’s passion about learning from the past. Your date may be regretting about career choices, decisions taken in personal relationships or anything you may not have expected looking at the personality. Honestly, expect surprises at this point or weird answers too.

What Makes You Happy The Most?

Happy question already, right? After having some serious discussions, i would certainly want to pick this one either in the end or may be in middle of seriousness. This will surely give some laughter and lighter mood to your date. 

Happiness goals achieved together give rise to the most memorable moments together. 

Final Thoughts On Questions To Ask On Second Date

These 8 questions are sure to make your second date a memorable one with lot of long conversations taking place. This will help you bond with your new partner or may be decide whether you want to go ahead with this relationship with your man or woman. Now, these are well applicable to teens dating as well as may be those who are dating single moms after a recent end of a relationship. 

And, like your first date, if your second date works out you are positively going to have the third one.

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