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Signs He Misses You and Is Genuinely Thinking About You

June 27, 2020

You are sitting at home and suddenly your phone buzzes; it’s a text from your boyfriend saying “Sitting at the café where I first popped the question, somehow the latte does not taste the same without you, I miss you”. You get excited and startled at the same time. Is he really missing me? The very thought brings a smile to your face and your mind is transported back into time when you had your first date with him. You were all anxious to turn it into a perfect one.

Now, you’ve been with him for a while but this message still makes you wonder because he had never shown his romantic side or expressed his feeling so openly ever before. You read the message over and over again and can feel a thousand butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You start to think whether he really misses you and if this is really happening. Well, here are some signs he misses you and is genuinely thinking about you.

7 Signs He Misses You Badly

If your boyfriend says he misses you, does he really mean so? Check out these 5 indications that depict he really misses you a lot and thinks about you. 

1. Makes an effort to communicate with you

One of the most important signs he misses you is that he takes an effort to strike a communication. Take it as a positive sign when a man takes the time to send you a text he really means it. Guys are quite impatient a vast majority of them like to have a conversation instead of typing mushy essays. When you receive a text it means he is really missing you and it is his way of telling you that. This is the sign of a genuine lover so do keep this in mind.

2. Displays behavior that is driven by jealousy

Are you under the assumption that only women can be jealous? Well, you may want to rethink that one. Under all that masculine bravado there exists, a jealous drama queen in every man. Sometimes he may not be confrontational instead he may have a quiet approach where he is indifferent. This is a sign he misses you and is craving your attention but will not admit it. You can smile through this one. 

3. He adds nice comments on your picture in social media

Since technology has become a lot easier now keeping in touch with people is not tough at all. So if you notice that your boyfriend is adding comments on pictures of you and him together then it is a clear sign he misses you and he is keeping in touch with you.

signs he misses you

4. He talks to you about old days

If your boyfriend reminiscence a lot about your past and keeps telling you how beautifully the times have gone by with you, it clearly means that he misses you. Talking about your past indicates that he wants to relive those golden days badly.

5. He demands more of your attention

There is no denying that your boyfriend knows it is impossible to spend literally every hour with you as you will need time for yourself. You will find him taking efforts to be with you, call you, or even take out time to go to places which you both loved to visit together. You may notice a nostalgic glint in the eye as he tries to recall all the good times that he has spent with you.

6. He takes the initiative to take you out

This is the most upfront sign if he decides to take you out. This means he cannot say how much he misses you but he displays this through a gesture. He loves your personality and your looks to the extent that he makes plans to go out with you and see you again and again. Do appreciate this gesture as it may take your relationship down the aisle.

7. He loves to talk about you

Are your common friends telling you that he’s been speaking about you a lot lately? He been pouring his heart out about how he feels for you and discusses you even when you’re not there? If yes, you have a reason to smile. If a guy is vocal about his feeling for you in front of other people, it’s one of the very clear signs he misses you and is genuinely thinking about you.

Final Thoughts On Signs He Misses You

It is not a secret anymore that men do not utter the right words, but certain gestures performed by them say volumes about their undying devotion towards you.

Sometimes a man sets an example for everyone else of who a true love should really be. It is tough to understand the mind of a man but if he displays any of the above-mentioned signs then simply sit back and enjoy, watch your relationship turn into a fairy-tale love story.

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