warning signs of an abusive relationships

Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship- Know It In Next 60 Seconds

July 31, 2020

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 to 7 acts of aggression for a woman to leave her abuser? According to a recent report, it has been found that almost 20 people are abused every minute, as we speak of it. It is horrid to know that 1 in 4 men and 1 in 3 women have fallen prey to such heinous acts. But rarely do they know during warning signs of an abusive relationship that they are prey to it. 

The truth is no one wants to get into an abusive relationship by choice. This is why we have put up a list of signs that may help you to detect it, early in your relationship.

4 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

In simple words, the key indicators of possessiveness beyond the standard would be that of detaching you from those you love. These would be primarily individuals who could persuade or talk you out of this. Nonetheless, if you can read these warnings in your relationship, make sure you take action without thinking too much.

1. Control

Control can infiltrate itself into every facet of your relationship. It could be mental, financial, emotional, and physical. While each area of control may look different, the constant assertion of control is a sign that your partner doesn’t respect you. That is to say, he or she does not trust your ability to handle anything. Financial control may look like a partner restricting access to your money. On the other hand, Physical control could be a partner limiting your access to a car or checking on your phone details. 

2. Aggression

Couples fight and that is normal, not every fight is a tell tale sign of a failed relationship. However, what we are trying to implicate here is totally different from what it may seem. Aggression doesn’t have to be physical touch or action—it can also be aggressive behaviors using gestures, words, or looks. You don’t have to share every little detail with your significant other and that is fine. Nonetheless, lying or withholding important information from your partner spells doom for the relationship. The bottom line is if your partner acts as though your feelings and thoughts are not important, it may be a sign of abuse.

early signs of an abusive relationship

3. Limits

Limits are an imperative characteristic of a solid relationship. They keep us rational when we’re living around other people. At the same time, they also give an outlet to every individual in the relationship to keep up his or her independence. When your mate disregards your limits, it demonstrates that your needs and inclinations are not as imperative. 

4. No remorse

The last, but not the least point would be that of considering them to be always right. They are never sorry and every single time you have an argument, your partner refuses to apologize. He or she may think they are in the right, but don’t immediately consider yourself always to be wrong. In fact, this type of behavior is borderline abusive as per experts. 

Final Thought on Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

So, stay away from people that have such kind of bend of mind because this could be toxic. This may turn into an Abusive relationship later that you would want to run away from. 

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What are the signs of abuse?

Few signs of Abuse are – bed sores, multiple bruising, fractures , burns, fear, depression,unexplained weight loss etc.

Who is an abuser?

Abuser may have a history of family alcohol or drug consumption, has been abused in childhood or witnessed violence between parents.

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