Why Men Dont Want To Get Married Anymore

Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

June 29, 2020

Fear of losing friends, fear of losing space/freedom or miserable first marriage, there may be a myriad of reasons as to why a man may not feel the urge to get married to a woman. We are all seeing that more and more men nowadays are refusing to get married. Men love to stay friends and go on dates with their lady love, but when it comes to marriage, they completely seem to avoid the topic.

So, if your man is not ready to step into a marriage with you then you there may be a number of reasons. Let’s take you closer to why men don’t want to get married anymore in these time and prefer to stay single. 

9 Reasons Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

A study has revealed that in today’s time men are not lazy or immature they simply need an incentive to take things further. Rather they may not want to fall into a commitment due to the following reasons. 

1. Losing Respect

In the last couple of decades, a man was not considered much of an achiever if he did not have a job and most importantly have a wife and kid. However today men take a lot of pride in flaunting the fact that they are still single and in a way, they feel that single men garner more respect than married men.

2. Not Leading An Active Sex Life

Research has revealed that married men tend to have good sex than most single men. However still less than certain men who are in relationships with women outside the boundaries of marriage. Experts have carried out numerous studies and have discovered that single men are much happier than men who are married.

3. Losing Out On An Active Social Life

It is no secret that men thrive in their social circle as it contributes to their self-esteem and confidence. After getting into marriage a man will lose in touch with his gang of friends and that might affect his mind. This is one strong reason why men do not want to get married to a woman.

why he doesnt want to marry

4. Afraid Of Changes

More than women most men hate the idea of their lives changing once they get married. They basically have to end up sharing their personal space and thoughts with their spouses and this can be too much to handle for men.

5. Life Tends To Become Very Dull

Marriage has its own set of rules and some men feel that trying to follow all the rules on a daily basis will make their life very boring.

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6. Single Life And Polygamy

Settling down will be the last thought on any guy’s mind. Most men simply want to enjoy the freedom that their single life gives them. A large number of men enjoy polygamy, as those relationships have no strings attached to them.

7. Influenced By Others Opinion

Sometimes men tend to have friends who brainwash them into not getting married as if doing so will end their free life. Think about it, this could be a serious problem.

8. Loss Of Freedom

A huge percentage of the male population live under the misconception that marriage will curb their freedom. Leading a married life means to devote substantial time to the wife and this is what drives most men crazy as the freedom they will not have time for themselves. Some men also feel that they are not yet ready to go ahead and get married and have children.

9. Not Willing To Make Commitments

There is no doubt that just like any other serious relationship marriage too requires a high degree of commitment. Marriage can be very rewarding too but most men do not pay attention to this, as they are only focussed on the bog responsibilities that come with marriage.

Final Thoughts on Why Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

These are some of the major reasons why men refrain from getting married to a woman. While you may be going around with a man who is attractive and cares for you, make sure he is looking for a long term commitment too. Have experienced similar situations in your life and what to talk about it? Well, leave a comment with your opinions on this thought. 

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How does marriage benefit a man?

It is said that as compared to the unmarried ones married man earns more money and live longer. Also, married men are more healthy and happy than bachelors.

What a man wants from his wife?

A man expects respect from his wife. As every marriage builds on a foundation called respect. The best way in which a wife can show her husband respect is by being a good listener without interrupting whenever he talks.

How do affairs begin?

60% of affairs begin at work with someone you are in touch or chatting regularly.

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